Our First Minneola’s

It’s a grapefruit.. It’s a mandarin.. No, it’s a MINNEOLA. For the first time we are importing these mandarin/grapefruit hybrids from Egypt. We can’t wait to receive those bright shiny easy peelers in The Netherlands. Exclusive sales, if you’re interested, message us and we’ll let you know where to buy them.

First Arrivals Egyptian Navel Oranges

🍊FUN FACT🍊: Contrary to what most people think, the fruit “orange” was not named after the color. Instead the color “orange” was named after the fruit.💡

We have started our Egyptian Navel orange season. First arrivals in The Netherlands week 52.

First Arrivals Egyptian Strawberries

FUN FACT: Did you know the strawberry is the only fruit that wears the seeds on the outside?
Our beautiful Egyptian strawberries arriving in The Netherlands by air this week!!